Every bus is insured with the comprehensive insurance.




When you rent a car from Busmiete.ch AG, we offer the following customer-friendly insurance solutions:


INCLUSIVE liability insurance and full comprehensive insurance
INCLUSIVE passenger insurance
INCLUSIVE breakdown and accident insurance
Optional reduced deductible and shared costs.



Full collision & liability

Full comprehensive insurance (full collision)

The full comprehensive insurance covers all damages (bodywork, chassis and theft) on the rented vehicle. The renter is responsible for a deductible of CHF 2'000.- in the case of loss or damage.

Damages caused to tyres, rims, rear-view mirrors, antennae, seat cushions and interior decoration, etc. as well as mechanic damages which can be traced to an improper operation / use of the rented vehicle or to a neglect of due diligence, will be charged to the renter.

The insurances do not cover luggage and personal items of the renter or vehicle user.


Liability insurance

The buses include a liability insurance to cover all third party legal claims against the holder or driver of the rented vehicle for personal injuries or property damages caused by the operation of the rented vehicle.

In case of an accident, the renter of the vehicle has a deductible of CHF 1'000.-. In the case of the driver's deliberate gross negligence, he becomes liable to recourse by the insurance.

Reduction of deductible

The deductible of CHF 2'000.-/1'000.- (full collision/liability) can be reduced to a max amount of CHF 350.— for an additional charge.

Please remark:

Bus rentals for buses over 3.5 tons as well as trailer rentals without buses are excluded from this service. The deductibles of CHF 2000.-/1000.- remain in case of damage.

Breakdowns or accidents

Our vehicles are insured with TCS (Touring Club Switzerland). In case of breakdowns or accidents, assistance is guaranteed all throughout Europe.


This assistance includes:

  • Local assistance, in the best case repair of the vehicle, followed by the continuation of the trip.
  • Otherwise, a replacement vehicle will be provided.
  • Additionally, hotel costs are covered.
  • In case of an accident, the occupants and the vehicle will be transferred back to Switzerland on request.
  • In case of injured occupants, a safe and competent repatriation to Switzerland is guaranteed!


The exact details, emergency numbers and emergency scenarios will be provided on the rental day and are also available in the logbook of the vehicle that is ready at hand.


24/7 Helpline of Busmiete.ch:

Our customers, travelling with our buses, are offered 24/7 assistance by our helpline.

In case of questions (use of the vehicle!), problems or emergencies with the bus, you can reach us around the clock (24/7 each day of the year) via our service numbers according to the information provided in the bus.

Passenger insurance

Every Swiss citizen is individually insured against accidents leading to invalidity/disability or death.
On top of this, our passenger insurance becomes relevant in case of an accident. Particularly for international passengers, for whom their particular insurance situation is unclear, our accident insurance acts as an added security.

The accident insurance additionally covers every passenger against the following:
Fatality: CHF 30'000.-
Invalidity/disability: CHF 60'000.-
Medical expenses insured