17 / 21 PAX Business-Class Midibus -5.5t!

The small touring bus with the comfort of a big touring bus!

There are several midibuses with 16+1 or 20+1 seats and luggage space - available depending on the rental location. These buses are beautifully furnished, comfortable and carry a great atmosphere. These aren’t big mini buses, but rather small touring buses!



Important information: 

Driver licence: 

For this category of busses you need in any case the driver licence cat. D1 without 3.5t limitation. 


All midibuses over 3.5t are equipped with a digital tachograph (DFS). This requires the driver to have the appropriate driver’s card for the DFS. This card can be ordered at www.dfs.astra.admin.ch or in your local traffic center. Be aware that the delivery time can take 10 days.

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